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DGR Play is a gamification company that adds game elements to its existing processes or creates gamified content for training, development and leadership programs, and integration of new employees.

With more than 20 years of experience in the area, I help you increase engagement and participation in your corporate training processes in a fun and effective way.

About me

Hello, my name is Dina Resende, and I am the founder and creator of DGR Play, a gamification company for business.


I have 20 years of experience in the Human Resources area, having worked in large multinationals such as GE, RSA, and ADP, both in Brazil and in the United States.


Since 2006, when little was said about gamification, I created games for integrating new employees, team building, and leadership development, among others, many of which are still used by these companies.


Through DGR Play, I use gamification techniques and game elements to accelerate and facilitate learning in companies, increasing engagement, participation, and content assimilation in a playful and non-traditional way.


Here on my website, you will find examples of projects I have already developed, and you can download some games and activities for free to better understand what I am talking about and what I can do for you and your business.

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Use of gamification for learning

Gamification is using games or game elements to make learning more accessible and more efficient.

Gamification can be applied to anything you can imagine.

You can even gamify an instruction manual for installing a printer (which, by the way, is a good idea).

In the corporate world, gamification has proved highly effective on several fronts. I have developed games for internship programs, onboarding new employees, leadership development, training, team building, and various other processes, invariably with positive results for both the participants and the companies.

In schools, universities, and teaching environments, games can turn difficult or tedious content into moments of fun and engagement. They can be used from kindergarten to university and at the highest levels of education. You can use games to teach math, history, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and anything else. 

Let's talk, and I'll help you create specific games and activities for your business that engage and convey all the information you need in a fun and effective way.



Gamification of existing processes

I transform and enhance your training and development processes using gamification.

For example, internship and trainee programs, technical and behavioral training, leadership development, onboarding new employees, and team building, among others.


Creation of gamified content

I create training and development programs using gamification.

I develop program content from the beginning according to the company's needs and culture, always using gamification.


Team training in gamification

I train your Human Resources teams so the company's professionals can create gamified content without external help.

At the end of the training, professionals will have the tools to include game elements in the company's new or existing processes.


I enhance your processes and training and development programs using gamification. You'll find some examples of my work, but endless possibilities exist. We can create team buildings, leadership programs, onboarding new employees, technical and behavioral training, etc.


Strategy meeting

I designed this game for a company having its end-of-year meeting in person. They wanted to talk about results and present the projects they had carried out differently, one that did not force some people to watch PowerPoint presentations.

I created two games that they used for the meeting.

Click here to see more details of this project.

Young People at a Workshop

Internship Program

In this project, I worked with the company to insert game elements into the internship program they had already implemented and create a customized board game.

With this, we increased the interns' engagement and participation. At the end of the program, all the interns demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the content passed on to them during the period.

Click here to see more details of this project.

Volunteering Group

Social Responsibility Competition

A competition in which the challenges are related to social responsibility activities.

It is a fun way to engage, promote connections between different groups, develop leaders, discover talent, and do social work.

Below, you can download a free e-book detailing the implementation of a social responsibility competition in your company.

Please get in touch with me if you want more information about social rallies or gamified social responsibility actions.

Game Playing Pieces

Gamification Training

If you want to implement gamification processes in your company but want to outsource only some of the service, I created two training courses, one short and one more complete, so your team can design their games the way your company wants.

Below, you can download the curricula and details of each training.

Team Meeting

Team Building

Team Building is a process to help groups work together more effectively and increase engagement, motivation, and connections between people.

I have a series of activities that I use for team building processes, which, in addition to encouraging teamwork, also work on negotiation, strategy, commitment, and logical reasoning, among other skills, and are a lot of fun for everyone.

Depending on the company's interests, these activities can be carried out in a room or an open space.

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The proper onboarding of new employees into the company can determine that employee's success.


I design gamified integration programs that, in addition to helping new employees get to know and understand how the company works, promote connections and greater integration into the company culture.

Games for strategy meeting

This was a set of three games I created for a company to use in its results and strategy presentation meeting. I made the three games considering the company's culture and the objective they had with this meeting.


Ice breaker

This was an exercise designed for the start of the meeting to create an informal tone and, at the same time, present the avatars of each participant, which I made using artificial intelligence.


Discussion of completed projects

This board game, played during the meeting, allowed all the participants to present their projects and achieve goals more playfully, using the board, dice, cards, and pawns, which were the participants' avatars.


Results presentation

To present the results, I created this magnetic board, where the participants had to connect the numbers with the spaces on the board.

Internship program gamification

For this project, the company wanted to make the internship program more enjoyable for the interns since they had implemented it some time ago and noticed an increased disinterest in some activities.

After reviewing the program with the company representative, I included various game elements throughout the internship period, and a board game played monthly by the participants.

During their onboarding meeting, the trainees received a map showing the first steps to get them started in the company. At each stage they completed, they received a stamp, and when they completed all the stamps, they received a gift from the company.

When they completed some of the activities on the map, they received a second map, which would take them to the next stage.

The internship program was a success and as a result, engagement increased, participation in non-compulsory activities grew, and all the interns were hired at the end of the program.

If you want to improve your company's development programs, such as internship, trainee, and leadership programs, contact me and let's talk.


Contact me!

I'm in Portugal, but I work all over the world.

+351 913-130-688

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